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Scannerstuff publications are written and edited by local radio experts!

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Southwest Frequency Directory

NEW Tenth Edition

The most up to date scanner information resource for Arizona.  The 240 page 8.5" by 11" directory is organized by county (including all 15 Arizona counties) for easy use and is packed full of information written and edited by local scanner experts!

The First Choice of...

  • Scanner Hobbyists

  • Newsrooms and Media Personnel

  • Communications Centers

  • Media Helicopter Pilots

  • Radio Technicians, Engineers, and Planners

  • Communications Consultants

Scannerstuff books are not just another database print-out or collection of varied user submissions... This directory is more comprehensive and accurate than any other book or website anywhere and will help you enjoy your hobby more than ever!

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Yuma County, Arizona

Scanner Frequencies & Information (Short Sample)

Below is a short sample of the scanner radio frequency and trunked talkgroup information found in the Southwest Frequency Directory. The book includes thousands more frequencies and talkgroups for this county and all of Arizona. The book also includes information on businesses, airports, amateur radio, codes, unit designations and radio identifiers, fire station locations and apparatus, detailed narratives explaining local radio usage and more!

This sample frequency list follows the same general format as found in the book:

[Agency Name]

     [Channel] [Description] [PL Tone] [City] [Receive Frequency or Talkgroup] [Transmit Frequency or Trunked System]




Western Arizona Regional Interoperability Communications System (WARICS)

  TRUNKED RADIO SYSTEM (P25 Digital Exclusive):

  Control Channels in Bold

  Yuma Simulcast System (Carries all traffic) 

  857.0000  864.0000  865.0000  856.0250  856.2250

  857.1750  857.2250  858.0000  858.1000  858.2250

  859.2250  860.0000  860.0750  860.2250  861.0000

  861.1500  862.0000  863.1500  864.1500  865.1500


AirEvac Medical Helicopters  [PL 186.2]  155.3250  Simplex

  Telegraph Pass (Yuma) Repeater  156.1725  151.0550

Arizona Department of Public Safety

  D4  District 4 - Yuma County  [PL 100.0]  460.4000  465.4000

Arizona Western College Police (Yuma)

  Operations Simplex  158.7600  Simplex

Cocopah Fire Services

  See Somerton/Cocopah Fire Department

Cocopah Indian Tribe (Somerton)

  Police Department  155.6400  158.7450

Quechan Indian Tribal Security (Fort Yuma)

  150.9950  154.6500

Operations Repeater  155.9400  155.2500

Operations Repeater  159.1050  158.9700

Rural / Metro Fire Department (County areas outside Yuma)

  Ch2  Dispatch Direct  [PL 114.8]  154.3250  Simplex

San Luis Fire Department

  Ch1  Operations Simplex  [PL 173.8]  155.5500  Simplex

San Luis Police Department

  Dispatch / Operations  [PL 123.0]  156.2100  158.9400

Somerton/Cocopah Fire Department

  Dispatch / Operations Repeater  154.4150  153.7700

Somerton Police Department 

  Dispatch / Operations  [PL 173.8]  154.7400  Simplex

Wellton Fire Department  155.0250  Simplex

  Operations Simplex  155.5350  Simplex

Wellton Police Department  [PL 123.0]  154.1000  Simplex

  Operations Simplex  154.9650  Simplex

  Operations Simplex  155.7750  Simplex

Yuma County Sheriff's Department 

  Ch1  Dispatch / Operations  [PL 173.8]  158.7300  154.7100

  Dispatch (Simulcast 158.730)  [Dig-P25]  TG: 205  WARICS

Yuma Fire Department 

  [1]  Dispatch  [Dig-P25]  TG: 768  WARICS

Yuma Police Department 

  [1]  Dispatch  [Dig-P25]  TG: 3  WARICS


See the Southwest Frequency Directory for many local frequencies not listed here, and much more detailed information, including frequencies, trunked talkgroups and fleetmaps, radio codes (10 codes), background information, PL tones (CTCSS tones), beat maps, zone maps, district maps and more.

Miscellaneous / Airports / Amateur Radio

Federal Government / Hotels & Country Clubs / Industries & Manufacturing

Hospitals / News Media / Railroads / Recreation / Utilities / Weather Information

See the Southwest Frequency Directory for many local frequencies not listed here, and much more detailed information, including frequencies, trunked talkgroups and fleetmaps, radio codes (10 codes), background information, PL tones (CTCSS tones), beat maps, zone maps, district maps and more.


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A Phoenix (AZ) area news media helicopter pilot calls his Scannerstuff book "the scanner bible".

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"Whether you are new to scanning or an oldtimer, there is a lot of meat here to chew on... The ... Southern California Frequency Directory truly picks up where others leave off." --- Larry Van Horn, Assistant Editor, Monitoring Times Magazine.

"What really sets this frequency book apart from most others is the narratives, not only on general radio scanning but on each of the radio systems... This frequency guide goes the extra mile by including detailed maps and narration by those who monitor these frequencies both professionally and as a hobby." Read an independent review of Scannerstuff publications. 

"At the Republic, we use [Scannerstuff books] on a regular basis to track down an obscure agency. Case in point was during the prison standoff last spring. Very helpful!" --- Dave Seibert, staff photographer, Arizona Republic newspaper

"I still say in over 30 years of playing with radios and scanners, this is the best frequency guide I have ever seen."  --- Ron Parks, WB5DYG, Gilbert, AZ"