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Scannerstuff Southern California

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Southern California Frequency Directory

Third Edition

The premier Southern California scanner resource, now in its third edition. SCFD3 is the largest and most complete directory for Southern California at 536 pages! The book is organized by county (including 10 Southern California counties) for easy use and is packed full of information written and edited by local scanner experts!

The First Choice of...

  • Scanner Hobbyists

  • Newsrooms and Media Personnel

  • Communications Centers

  • Media Helicopter Pilots

  • Radio Technicians, Engineers, and Planners

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Scannerstuff books are not just another database print-out or collection of varied user submissions... This directory is more comprehensive and accurate than any other book or website anywhere and will help you enjoy your hobby more than ever!

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Imperial County, California

Scanner Frequencies & Information (Short Sample)

Below is a short sample of the scanner radio frequency and trunked talkgroup information found in the Southern California Frequency Directory. The book includes thousands more frequencies and talkgroups for this county and all of southern California. The book also includes information on businesses, airports, amateur radio, codes, unit designations and radio identifiers, fire station locations and apparatus, detailed narratives explaining local radio usage and more!

This sample frequency list follows the same general format as found in the book:

[Agency Name]

     [Channel] [Description] [PL Tone] [City] [Receive Frequency or Talkgroup] [Transmit Frequency or Trunked System]




RCS Trunking System (“RC” next to talkgroups)

Most Imperial County public safety agencies have migrated to the Imperial County zone of the larger San Diego County RCS trunking system. The RCS voice network is a Motorola SmartZone 800 MHz trunked radio system. The system uses a 3600-baud control channel data stream and supports mixed mode analog and digital communications, including encryption capabilities.


Unlike San Diego County’s large North and South Loops, which transmit on the same set of frequencies from all tower sites in the loop, the Imperial County Zone of the RCS trunking system transmits on different frequencies at each tower location.  As a result, scanner listeners in the Imperial County Zone areas must program a particular tower site (or sites) frequency set(s). Keep in mind that individual talkgroups are only broadcast from a particular tower if system subscriber radios are relying on that tower for their communications on that talkgroup. Generally, monitoring talkgroups associated with the area (such as using the Brawley tower to monitor Brawley PD and using the El Centro tower to monitor El Centro Fire) produce the best scanning results in Imperial County.


Note:  800 MHz Rebanding will result in changes to these frequencies. Owners of the book receive free updates with new frequencies at


Trunked Radio System – Motorola Type 2 800 MHZ Splinter Mixed Analog/Digital

Imperial County Zone (Rotating Control Channels in Bold)

Black Mountain  865.1000 858.2000  856.2000  859.2500  864.1000

Brawley  860.2000 863.1000 864.2500 856.0750 857.0750

  858.0500 859.0500 859.0750 861.0500

El Centro  864.0500 865.0500 865.2500 857.0250 857.2000

858.0250 858.0750 859.0250 860.0250

Hubbard Hill  865.2500 862.2500 863.2500 864.2500

Salton City  857.2260 858.2250 856.2250 866.1375

Unknown Location  857.1000 862.0500 856.1000 861.1000

Volcan FAA Site  868.4500 866.0500 867.0500


Brawley Fire Department

  BRW DISP FD  Dispatch – Analog  [Analog]  TG: 26992  RC

  BRW DISP FD  Dispatch – Digital  [Dig-P25]  TG: 39696  RC

Brawley Police Department    BRW DISP  Dispatch  [Dig-P25]  TG: 39312  RC

Calexico Fire Department  CLX DISP  Dispatch  [Dig-P25]  TG: 40080  RC

Calexico Police Department    CLX DISP  Dispatch  [Dig-P25]  TG: 39344  RC

Calipatria Fire Department  CPT DISP FD  Dispatch  [Analog]  TG: 27056  RC

Calipatria Police Department    CPT DISP  Dispatch  [Dig-P25]  TG: 39376  RC

El Centro Fire Department

  ECN DISP FD  Dispatch – Analog  [Analog]  TG: 27120  RC

  ECN DISP FD  Dispatch – Digital  [Dig-P25]  TG: 40320  RC

El Centro Police Department  ECN DISP  Dispatch  [Dig-P25]  TG: 39408  RC

Holtville Fire Department: Dispatched by County  [PL 110.9]  154.3700  R

  HLT DISP FD  Dispatch – Analog  [Analog]  TG: 27184  RC

  HLT DISP FD  Dispatch – Digital  [Dig-P25]  TG: 40784  RC

Holtville Police Department  155.1300  S

  HVL DISP  Dispatch  [Dig-P25]  TG: 39448  RC

Imperial Fire Department  VHF Orange – Dispatch (by County)  [PL 110.9]  154.3700

Imperial Police Department: Dispatched by El Centro Police on ECPD Radio

Imperial County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)  046.3800  R

  Calling Channel  153.8600

  EMS-1  155.3250

  EMS-2  155.1750

  Med-2  154.0250

Imperial County Fire

  ICF DISP FD  Dispatch – Analog  [Analog]  TG: 27248  RC

  ICF DISP FD  Dispatch – Digital  [Dig-P25]  TG: 41104  RC

  VHF Orange – Dispatch Central  [PL 110.9]  154.3700  R

  VHF Green – Dispatch North  [PL 110.9]  154.0100  S

Imperial County Sheriff’s Office

  ICS DISP  DISPATCH  [Dig-P25]  TG: 39472  RC

  ICS E DISP  East Dispatch  [Dig-P25]  TG: 41392  RC

Niland Fire District  [PL 110.9]  154.1900  S

Ocotillo Fire Department: Dispatched by County  [PL 110.9]  154.3700  R

Schaefer Ambulance Service (El Centro)  047.5800  S

Westmorland Fire Department: Dispatched by County  [PL 110.9]  154.3700  R

Westmorland Police Department: Dispatched by Brawley PD on BPD Radio

Winterhaven Fire Protection District: By County  [PL 110.9]  154.3700  R


See the Southern California Frequency Directory for many local frequencies not listed here, and much more detailed information, including frequencies, trunked talkgroups and fleetmaps, radio codes (10 codes), background information, PL tones (CTCSS tones), beat maps, zone maps, district maps and more.

Miscellaneous / Airports / Amateur Radio

Federal Government / Hotels & Country Clubs / Industries & Manufacturing

Hospitals / News Media / Railroads / Recreation / Utilities / Weather Information

See the Southern California Frequency Directory for many local frequencies not listed here, and much more detailed information, including frequencies, trunked talkgroups and fleetmaps, radio codes (10 codes), background information, PL tones (CTCSS tones), beat maps, zone maps, district maps and more.


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