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Scannerstuff publications are written and edited by local radio experts!

Scannerstuff Southern California

The concise, locally-edited, and neatly organized directory that experts and enthusiasts wrote.

Don't settle for disorganized and bogus information on websites.


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Southern California Frequency Directory

Third Edition E-Book PDF Download (No Book Ships)

The premier Southern California scanner resource, now in its third edition. SCFD3 is the largest and most complete directory for Southern California at 536 pages! The book is organized by county (including 10 Southern California counties) for easy use and is packed full of information written and edited by local scanner experts!

$24.99  SCFD 3rd Ed. E-Book (PDF Download Only)


Scannerstuff books are not just another database print-out or collection of varied user submissions... This directory is more comprehensive and accurate than any other book or website anywhere and will help you enjoy your hobby more than ever!

Our GuaranteeWe're so confident you will love this book that if for any reason you don't, we'll buy it back!

Key Benefits...

  • A Massive all-in-one source for radio monitoring in Southern California

  • Coverage of 10 Southern California Counties (see below) in Amazingly Detailed Pages

  • Information on Police, Fire, Aircraft, Schools, Hotels, Utilities, Malls, Media, Amateur Radio, Government, Recreation, and more...

  • Frequencies, Channel Numbers & Usage, and PL (CTCSS) Tones

  • Detailed Background Information on many agencies

  • Public Safety Terminology, Codes, Unit Designators/Callsigns and Aircraft

  • Trunked Radio Frequencies, TrunkTracker Talkgroups, System Information, and User Guide

  • Maps of Police Precincts, Districts, or Beats

  • Fire Station Locations, Apparatus, and Incident Responses

  • Statute Numbers / Codes

  • Listeners Guides for Scanners, Trunking, Aircraft, Helicopters, and Fire Monitoring give you valuable information about "what" you are hearing, not just where to tune

  • California Counties Covered (Click for Details): Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura

Customer Comments About Scannerstuff Publications (more...)

  • "Whether you are new to scanning or an oldtimer, there is a lot of meat here to chew on... The Southern California Frequency Directory [First Edition] truly picks up where others leave off." --- Larry Van Horn, Assistant Editor, Monitoring Times Magazine, May 2005 Issue.


  • "The best of all scanner books I have purchased so far... I cannot believe just how well organized and informative this book is. If you haven't got this book, you're definitely missing a great tool. " --- Vince, Torrance, CA

  • "What a great book. I used to get [a different book no longer published] and this is even better." --- Ken Shuck, Battalion Chief, Manhattan Beach, CA FD

  • "Oh, baby, this book is packed with useful info! A literary great for scanner monitoring hounds! SCFD is heads above anything else out there. Well organized for quick reference." --- Don Farnsworth, Lancaster, CA

  • "Your books are incredibly professional and top of the line." --- Peter Muller, Cathedral City, CA
  • "It is head and shoulders above the competition in my opinion.  The clear listing of talkgroups, functions, analog or digital, etc. is exactly what I have been looking for.  You can count on me as a customer any time a new edition is published."  --- Ed Sack, Coronado, CA

  • "Well worth the price. Lots of information." --- Clark Rennie, Los Angeles

  • "Love the Southern California Frequency Directory...I use all of the on-line sources, but I seem to get the most reliable info from the Directory." --- Dave Thomas, Los Angeles, CA
  • "It's Awesome!! Very, very good job! Blows away any other frequency directory I have ever purchased. Great compilation... And great format!" --- Craig Lindstrom, Big Bear Lake, CA

  • "This book is GREAT!!" --- Edward Smelko, Santa Monica, CA

  • "I received my copy of the Southern California Frequency Directory last Thursday and I love it! I have been monitoring for over 20 years. Until last year, I used [another book that is no longer published].  It's okay if all you want is the basics, but your book is so much better.  I am amazed by the information in the SCFD. I think it is well worth the price and I would highly recommend it to any monitoring hobbyist." --- Mark Hinton

  • "A first rate publication, and better than anything I have seen for Southern California. You have done an outstanding job both in layout and information. Thanks for a great product. I really am glad I found your site on the web." --- Al Bowers, KA6FBB, Apple Valley, CA

  • "Quite possibly the most feature packed book." --- Michael Burke, Ventura County, CA

  • "You have done a great job on SCFD. I love it! Thank you so much!" --- Brad Bosley, San Diego, CA

  • "What a great book. The best I have ever used. It has increased my scanning enjoyment ten times over." --- Bob Smith, Burbank, CA

  • "I purchased the So.Cal Edition of the Frequency Directory, it's the best, most complete and accurate publication I've seen. I've been scanning and listening before scanners were available, since 1956. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the directory. It's size is also very convenient." --- Ken Lawrence, Bakersfield, CA
  • "You guys did a great job on the new scanner book. It is awesome!" --- Tom Jones, railroad dispatcher, Los Gatos, CA

  • "Love the book... Best I've seen by far." --- John Bright, San Diego county

  • "I am very impressed with all of the information that you have compiled. Great job!" --- Richard Tilch, Vista (CA) Fire Department

  • "A much needed tool for today's complex digital technology, yet a breeze to use!" --- Vito A. Manzo, WA6AM, Tujunga, CA

  • "Your Southern California directory is fantastic!" --- Joe Chiasson, Bakersfield, CA

  • "The information is outstanding; It makes a perfect reference manual!" --- Rod Thompson, Deputy Chief, Rural/Metro Fire Department, Scottsdale

  • "The new book looks GREAT!"    --- Member of Phoenix area law enforcement agency

  • "I am on the City of Glendale inter-operability committee. The Southwest Frequency Directory has been a great aid." ---Jerry Wightman, Glendale

  • "All I can say is WOW!  This book is such an improvement over the old ... frequency books." --- Jim Fisher, Tucson, AZ

  • "Outstanding!!!" --- Ignatius Kapalczynski, Author, American Fire Service Book

  • "It really makes scanner listening a lot easier." --- Jim Solano

  • "Looks great and tons of good info." --- Peter Sanders, Beverly Hills, CA

  • "What a great job. I really look forward to using it." --- Tom Leak, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • "Your book is definitely worth the investment, even for rural scanning... I reprogrammed my scanner last night using your data, and discovered several new things I had never heard around here... Thanks again for an awesome publication." --- Patrick Lukens, Safford, AZ

  • It's awesome!  It's about time one can have confidence that the people that produce a directory actually have a good network of people who actually listen to the frequencies!" -Bob Kenney, Motorola employee, Gilbert, AZ

  • "A couple years of research [on my part] could have been a few minutes [with this book]. I like everything about it." --- Dominique Watkins

  • "It lives up to all it was advertised and much more, Great Job!" --- Doug Brecht, Edmonton, Alberta

  • What a terrific publication. Frankly, you should double the price." - David Allison, Atlanta

  • "I still say in over 30 years of playing with radios and scanners, this is the best frequency guide I have ever seen."  --- Ron Parks, WB5DYG, Gilbert, AZ

  • (more...)


The First Choice Communications Reference of...

  • Scanner Hobbyists

  • Newsrooms and Media Personnel

  • Communications Centers

  • Medical, Media, and Law Enforcement Helicopter Pilots

  • Radio Technicians, Engineers, and Planners

  • Public and Private Sector Communications Consultants


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A Phoenix (AZ) area news media helicopter pilot calls his Scannerstuff book "the scanner bible".

Scannerstuff Publications are relied on by professionals like this news media helicopter pilot/reporter

"Whether you are new to scanning or an oldtimer, there is a lot of meat here to chew on... The ... Southern California Frequency Directory truly picks up where others leave off." --- Larry Van Horn, Assistant Editor, Monitoring Times Magazine.

"What really sets this frequency book apart from most others is the narratives, not only on general radio scanning but on each of the radio systems... This frequency guide goes the extra mile by including detailed maps and narration by those who monitor these frequencies both professionally and as a hobby." Read an independent review of Scannerstuff publications. 

"At the Republic, we use [Scannerstuff books] on a regular basis to track down an obscure agency. Case in point was during the prison standoff last spring. Very helpful!" --- Dave Seibert, staff photographer, Arizona Republic newspaper

"I still say in over 30 years of playing with radios and scanners, this is the best frequency guide I have ever seen."  --- Ron Parks, WB5DYG, Gilbert, AZ"