A note to our customers

In 1994 Scannerstuff published the Southwest Frequency Directory for Arizona, its first detailed, locally-edited publication to assist with professional and hobby monitoring of radio communications. Since then, Scannerstuff has published over 20 books with the sole purpose of instructing, aiding and updating those who monitor public safety and other land mobile radio communications in Arizona, Las Vegas, Southern California, Oregon, Washington and north Georgia.

Scannerstuff's products have been relied upon because of their tradition of accuracy and completeness - and used in newsrooms across the region and by pilots of medical, police, and media helicopters who need the ability to program their radios or understand messages from other agencies on the go. One  news helicopter pilot even called Scannerstuff's Southwest Frequency Directory the "Scanner bible".

But the time has come for Scannerstuff to conclude its contribution to the public safety radio monitoring community. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve thousands of hobbyists and professionals over the last two decades, and to develop many cherished friendships along the way. Thank you to all of you who have supported Scannerstuff's work through the years.

Dan Rollman

August 29, 2017